2017 Kickoff Luncheon to be held Saturday, Jan 21 at Via Roma in Rocklin; menu selections and RSVP below   —   Luncheon replaces January club and board meetings. Regular club meetings resume in February   —   2017 WPARC Dues are due   —   System Fusion and Wires X News and Events   —   Details below...
 Next WPARC Meeting

Our Next Club Event is
Saturday, Jan 21, 2017
for 2017 Kickoff Luncheon

2017 Kickoff Luncheon, Saturday Jan 21, 1:00 PM
WPARC will kickoff 2017 with a luncheon on Saturday, January 21, at 1:00 PM at Via Roma Pizzeria con Cucina in Rocklin. The prix fixe menu includes a selection of favorites as chosen by members at the December club meeting. The luncheon will be $25/person including salad, entree, dessert, non-alcoholic beverage, tax and tip.

Via Roma Pizzeria con Cucina
1230 Sunset Blvd, Ste 600, Rocklin CA

Menu Selections
Selected menu items, as chosen by members attending the December meeting,
  • Cannelloni a la Veneziani – Lightly spiced beef, spinach, and ricotta cheese, stuffed in pasta shell
  • Spaghetti with Meatballs
  • House Lasagna – House made pasta layered, pork and beef, bits of carrots, onions, ricotta, baked
  • Chicken Parmigiana
  • Vegetarian options are available with your RSVP

RSVP Strongly Encouraged
Email Michael Buck with a count of guests and menu selections.

Special ARRL Guest and Special Drawings
ARRL Section Manager Carol Milazzo KP4MD will be our special guest. Come meet Carol and bring any questions you may have about our section or ARRL. And remember all those monthly drawings at the club meetings? Any tickets you purchased were put in to the pot for a year end drawing. That drawing will be held at this luncheon. The board is hinting at many fabulous prizes. So come out to enjoy lunch with Carol and perhaps be a big prize winner!

2017 WPARC Dues are Due.
WPARC Member Dues are due in January of each year. Dues remain the same as previous years: $24 individual, $36 family, and $12 active military and under age 18. Bring your check to a club meeting or mail to POB 1173, Lincoln CA 95648.

Wires X Node on Yaesu System Fusion Radios
We now have a test Wires X node set up for club members to try. For those unfamiliar with Wires X, it is similar to Echolink or Allstar. The node is located at Art’s QTH for the test and is on 145.700. The system consists of a Yaesu FTM-400 DR dual band (2 meters/70 cm) and a Yaesu Wires X box. If the tests are successful (which they appear to be to date) we will link the node with the repeater. This is a significant benefit to the club and greatly increases the versitility and reach of the repeater. Anyone with a System Fusion radio can join in.

System Fusion Events: Sat Jan 7 + 14 6:00 PM
There are two System Fusion events coming up that might be of interest to those with System Fusion radios. They are the International Wires X Fusion Net in the America Link Room (21080). The nets are Saturday Jan 7 and Saturday Jan 14 at 6:00 PM. Join in to listen, learn, interact, and be part of the worldwide amateur radio community living the Wires X Fusion experience! They will be available on the club test Wires X link at 145.700 simplex and will be in digital mode. The nets will feature discussions by some Yaesu experts on System Fusion. There should be some valuable information for those interested in System Fusion. There is a lot of excitement in the area for System Fusion and it seems like someone is picking up a new radio every day.

System Fusion Net Popularity Increasing as Members Acquire SF Radios
The Monday 8:30 PM 2 meter System Fusion net is growing rapidly. A number of club members have obtained a Yaesu model that offers System Fusion, from HTs to mobiles, to base stations. Of course, the System Fusion radios will also work on standard analog modes. Several people have new radios on order and we should see the net grow even more in the near future. In addition to many club members, we are hearing many visitors from a wide area on the repeater for this net. Also, the Thursday 2 meter and HF nets are growing. Monday Jan 2nd had the largest number of HF check ins ever. We also have recently heard check ins on the repeater from areas as far away as Dixon, Woodland, and Davis.

WPARC on Facebook and Twitter
Check us out on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter (@k6pac)

VoIP on the Club Repeater
Our Club repeater now has the capability to connect to repeaters all over the world by VoIP. Read more about it at the VoIP page.

 WPARC Field Day - 2016
Gary and Jerry: Grave Shift Roger works QSO in the shade
WPARC Field Day 2016 Crew
Arturo and youngsters work QSOs Gary works a breakfast taco

Photo credits: Art KK6NFM and Gary KT6SKR. Thank you guys!

 WPARC Calendar
All 2017 dates are tenative and subject to change at discretion of the board.
21-Members 2017 Kick Off Luncheon
21-Board Mtg
21-Club Mtg
21-Board Mtg
21-Club Mtg
18-Board Mtg
18-Club Mtg
16-Board Mtg
16-Club Mtg
TBD-Tour de Lincoln Cycling Support
20-Board Mtg
20-Club Mtg
23-25-Field Day Weekend
18-Board Mtg
18-Club Mtg
15-Board Mtg
15-Club Mtg
19-Board Mtg
19-Club Mtg
17-Board Mtg
17-Club Mtg
TBD-Tour de Rocklin Cycling Event Support
21-Board Mtg
21-Club Mtg
19-Board Mtg
19-Club Mtg
TBD-Lions Food Distribution Event Support
VHF NETS on K6PAC Repeater
Monday 8:30PM » C4FM Forum Learn about this new digital technology
Wednesday 10AM » WPARC Day Net Members and guests welcome
Thursday 7:30PM » WPARC Evening Net Members and guests welcome

Check in during the Thursday evening 2 Meter Net to hear where we will CQ this week!
Scheduled HF Net Band Rotation
1st Thu – 10 meters (28.410 MHz) – 11/3, 12/1
2nd Thu – 15 meters (21.355 MHz) – 11/10, 12/8
3rd Thu – 40 meters (7.225 MHz) – 11/17, 12/15
4th Thu – 75 Meters (3.855 MHz) – 10/27, 11/24, 12/22
5th Thu – 10 meters (28.410 MHz) – 9/29, 12/29

Net Script
Running a net is a great way to gain radio experience. Try your hand at running a net! The script can be found here [pdf].
 WPARC Officers - 2017
PresidentJerry HN6JKH
Vice PresidentArturo GKK6NFM
SecretaryMichael BK6BUK
TreasurerPaul PKJ6ORG
Board MemberClay AK6AEP
Board MemberGary TWA6IKE
Board MemberBill MKJ6YCO
Alternate Board MemberDon HN6DPH
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